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Record 22 Quick Release Fitters’ Vice Restoration – part 2

Whilst dismantling the vice I also obtained some information from Irwin, the company who now owns the Record brand, about the Fitters’ vices.

The first image shows the different sizes available and the second is an exploded parts diagram.

I’m part way through the strip down and rust removal now, and managed to remove two of the four jaw screws with some WD40 and an impact driver, but the other two weren’t budging so I had to drill them out!

On the bright side they seem to be normal (not steep) countersunk 5/16″ Whitworth (BSW) x 1″ so I found some online which will hopefully arrive shortly.

Some more pictures…

Sliding jaw with all parts removed, pre wire-wheeling:

Quick-release mechanism removed, pre-disassembly:

Quick release mechanism with rocker bar removed. I thought it would be rusted on, but a light wire brush removed the surface rust.

All the little parts, along with the lone removed jaw, after cleaning and casting cleanup.

Main body having drilled out the jaw screws (removed without damaging the internal thread) and pre-cleaning.

Starting to clean up the main body I noticed what looks like a warning label on the back side (the side without the RECORD logo).
Looks like the word IMPORTANT at the top, but I can’t make out anything else.

UPDATE:  I’ve now figured out the rest of the words on the label.
It states:




Might make up a replica label to apply once finished…


More to follow in part 3…